Hazard Awareness of Telecom Sites – Online

Safety Lms

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At the end of the online course, participants will take a test. After receiving a passing grade, participants will be issued a certification valid for 2 years.

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Course Reviews:

Date Taken: 2/2/15
Instructor(s): John Paul Jones

Student's Job Title: Safety Manager
Years of Experience: 9

The training met my expectations: Strongly Agree
The training objectives were clearly defined: Strongly Agree
The amount of material was appropriate for the time allotted: Strongly Agree
The instructor demonstrated knowledge of the material and came to class well prepared: Strongly Agree
The instructor communicated effectively: Strongly Agree
The training aids (handouts, visual aids, etc.) were useful: Strongly Agree
The course and class sessions were organized: Strongly Agree
The course objectives were achieved: Strongly Agree
Suitable facilities and equipment were provided: Strongly Agree
The class allowed for student participation/discussion: Strongly Agree
How could this training program be improved?