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The NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association was founded by a group of companies whose primary function was erecting, servicing, constructing or maintaining communication towers or similar structures. Two categories of membership have been established: Primary Membership and Support Membership.

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NATE Participation

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Safety & Educational Materials

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Services and Products

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Primary Membership

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*Primary Voting dues will continue in increments of $500 for each 75 employees above 525.
Non-Voting Member

*Primary Non-Voting dues will continue in increments of $250 for each 75 employees above 525.

Support Membership

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Manufacturer Member

Construction Member

Affiliate Member

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Technology Member

Public Entity

Public Entity Members are classified as any entity that is non-profit, or receives public funding, whose affiliation with the communication tower industry includes contracting with tower construction, service and maintenance firms and/or providing public safety services and/or public utilities. Examples of this type of membership category include; agencies that are involved with Federal, State, Tribal and Local public safety: Emergency Management, EMS First Responders, Law Enforcement and Fire Departments, and companies who provide electrical, gas and internet utilities Dues are $500 annually for Public Entities who fall under this category by meeting the criteria outlined above.

Non-Profit Member

Associations, educational institutions, community colleges, trade organizations, business leagues and chambers of commerce that have an IRS status of 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6). *Applicants are required to supply proof of their 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) status.

Licensed Design Professional Member (Individual)

NATE Licensed Design Professional Members are individuals who provide engineering and design services to the wireless and broadcast tower industry.

Retired NATE Member

Retired members are classified as an individual who has been employed in the tower industry for a minimum of five (5) years prior to their retirement. The individual must be retired from a NATE member company or sponsored by a current member company. Retired members are Non-Voting Members and are not allowed to purchase safety and educational materials.

Membership Agreement

Agreement Concerning Confidential Information

We, the undersigned, realize that NATE desires to keep various information about its interests and activities confidential and for NATE member companies only, including information pertaining to NATE financial activities, educational and safety awareness materials and media.

We, the undersigned, understand that, as a benefit of NATE membership, we may be furnished with drawings, data sheets, specific safety programs, videos, processes, specifications and financial information, and that we may acquire other such information concerning NATE programs and activities from conversations with NATE officers or personnel, or from our own observations of NATE's activities. Information disclosed in documentary forms that NATE considers confidential will be marked "confidential" by NATE. In the case of non-documentary disclosures, NATE will have the obligation to confirm in writing the fact and general motive of each disclosure within a reasonable time after the disclosure occurs.

We, the undersigned, understand that a breach of confidentiality could cause harm to NATE, its officers, member companies, and/or personnel and we agree to use every reasonable effort to maintain confidentiality.

We, the undersigned, understand that as a benefit of NATE membership, we are permitted to display the NATE Logo on our company website, letterhead, business cards, wearables and other materials. Should our NATE membership end whether by our choice, past due account or termination, we are required left to remove the NATE Logo from any printed material or website immediately. We, the undersigned, also understand that this benefit applies to ONLY the company as listed on this application and does not apply to any of our affiliated companies and/or parent company.

It is understood that in the course of fulfilling our business commitments, we may have to communicate some of this information with officers, and/or employees in our company. In the event such information is communicated we will inform them of their responsibility of keeping such information confidential and we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that it is kept confidential.

Information that is obtained by a third party source not under obligation to NATE, or information that is considered is public domain is not confidential. Drawings, data sheets, specific safety programs, videos, written processes, written specifications and financial information remain the property of NATE and must be returned if so requested by NATE.

Project Area: NATE Safety and Educational Materials and NATE Financial Information

Agreed on behalf of
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