FAA UIS Tower Project

Attention NATE Member Companies:

One of NATE’s priorities is to continue to promote the importance of maintaining a balance of “customer diversity” to our member companies. This is a paramount priority considering the 2023 slowdown and “pause” in activity from the wireless carrier’s network deployment and CAPEX investments.

NATE’s leadership was approached this summer by officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about the agency’s UIS Tower Projects and their interest in casting a wide net into NATE’s contractor community of members to bid/conduct this work.

Approximately eighty-two (82) NATE member companies attended the FAA’s “Industry Days” in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 14 and August 18, 2023 to learn more about the agency’s UIS tower projects and prepare their respective companies to bid on this work.

For those companies who were unable to send a representative to the FAA Industry Day sessions, we have included the presentation below that has been released for distribution by the FAA Contracting Officer.

NATE encourages all of you as valued member companies of the Association to review the FAA presentation and actively explore positioning your company to compete for these UIS tower projects.


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Todd Schlekeway

NATE President & CEO

FAA UIS Industry Day Tower Projects Presentation