Veteran Sourcing Program

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The Veteran Sourcing Program (VSP) was created to provide employment opportunities to veterans and to address the immediate and long-term hiring needs of the communications infrastructure industry. Veterans have been trained in teamwork, responsibility, and leadership, making ideal candidates for roles within the industry.

The principal goal of the VSP is to help veterans while addressing workforce shortfalls.

This program provides assistance at no cost for NATE Member companies or veterans as a benefit of NATE membership.

In effort to provide the optimal services for both veterans and NATE members, NATE has partnered with the charitable organization, Warriors4Wireless (W4W).

Together, we can:

• Assist vets with or without VA education benefits
• Assist vets with or without the ability to attend a training course
• Assist vets for ground or climbing careers
• Assist vets via direct placement or train & place options
• Help partner companies address both ground and climbing workforce shortfalls
• Help partners for free
• Ensure zero occurrence of recruiting from one “partner” to assist another “partner”
• Allow for options when partners want to train on the job
• Provide industry best practices in training (when vet goes through training)
• Assist vets with respect for their service (not to generate revenue)

There is no cost for participation and no requirement to hire veteran candidates.

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Participation Process:

1.   Complete the company contact information form.

2.   When veterans become available in your area, a representative from one of the partnering companies will contact you and resumes are sent to your inbox.

3.   Your company decides if you will contact, interview and/or hire the veteran (there are no hidden placement fees – all services are free and all hiring latitude remains with the partnering company).

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