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The Veteran Sourcing Program was created to provide employment opportunities to veterans and to address the immediate and long-term hiring needs of the wireless infrastructure industry. Military of NATE is partnering with Warriors4Wireless, Airstreams Renewables and Learning Alliance Corporation to connect NATE member companies with a stream of veteran candidates. Veterans have been trained in teamwork, responsibility, and leadership, making ideal candidates for tower technician and fiber optic technician positions. 

Participation Process:

1.   No cost for participation and no requirement to hire veteran candidates

2.   Enrolling is easy

3.   Complete the enrollment information form

4.   When veterans become available in your area, resumes are sent to your inbox

5.   Your company decides if you will contact, interview and/or hire the veteran (there are no hidden placement fees – all services are free and all hiring latitude remains with the partnering company)

Why are veterans a good fit for the wireless industry?
Military personnel are trained to follow procedures which mitigates risk, work as a team to accomplish a goal, and focus on the safety of themselves and their team. Veterans bring to the table the skills, ability, discipline, and core values that the wireless industry is looking for.

How do Warriors4Wireless, Airstreams Renewables and Learning Alliance prepare veterans for working in the wireless industry?
Warriors4Wireless, Airstreams Renewables and Learning Alliance Corporation provide comprehensive training that includes both academic and field training courses. Graduates of both programs leave with certifications such as Authorized Climber/Rescuer, RF Awareness, Capstan Hoist Operations, and First Aid/CPR, in addition to resume building assistance and interview coaching.

How many candidates will I receive from the Veteran Sourcing Program?
The number of candidates received from the Veteran Sourcing Program varies between hiring companies and is based on the supply and demand of veterans seeking employment.

Am I required to hire all candidates received from the Veteran Sourcing Program?
Participating hiring companies are not required to hire candidates received from the Veteran Sourcing Program. We encourage the participants in this voluntary program to consider interviewing all candidates from the program, however, we also understand that some hiring partners may have limitations to their capacity to do so.

Is this program really free?
The Veteran Sourcing Program is free for employers and there are no hidden costs. The benefits of participating include providing opportunities for veterans who have served our nation to gain employment in a field with a viable career path and supplementing your company hiring needs with highly qualified candidates!

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