Safety & Education

The Safety & Education Committee is focused primarily on developing and producing educational/safety materials for NATE.

Safety & Education Committee Members

Dominque Valdez 03 22 300x400

Chairwoman and Committee Member
Dominique Valdez
Wireless Construction Solutions

Committee Members

  • Board Oversight
    Aaron Paulette
    Elevated Services, LLC
  • Bryan Lee
    Lee Antenna Line & Service, Inc.
  • Pat Moore
    Broadcast Construction Solutions
  • Steve Wilder
  • Travis Duley
    NB&C Technical Services, LLC
  • Kevin Gadsby
    Tower Systems, Inc.
  • Brandon Foster
  • Troy Peavey
    FDH Infrastructures Services, LLC
  • John Lamond
    GME Supply Co
  • Kenneth Hill
    Crown Castle
  • David Payton
    TSC Construction, LLC
  • Rick Flynt
  • Derek Denman
    MZI Group
  • Kaci Griffin-Garner
  • David Vincent
    Apex Site Solutions
  • Ethan Olson
    Killowatt, Inc.
  • Andrew Drieling
    True Tower Tensioning
  • Kenneth Holder
    Atlantic Tower Services, Inc. (ATS)
  • Casey Banner
    Banner Enterprise LLC
  • Cliff Kirk
    Vertical Axcess, LLC
  • Ben Bowman
    Safety LMS
  • Kenny Santee
    TNT Communications
  • Josh Dermott
    Neticom, LLC
  • Loyd Linger
    Innovated Tower Solutions