Member Services

The Member Services Committee actively recruits new members, contacts existing members, and strives to expand upon the benefits of NATE membership.

Member Services Committee Members

 Mississippi Jordyn Ladner


Chairwoman and Committee Member
Jordyn Ladner

Vice Chairman and Committee Member
Tommy Lewis
Hayden Tower Service, Inc.

Board Oversight and Committee Member
Chris Mallon
TowerMRL, LLC.

Committee Members

  • BeLinda Fadely
    WANHO Manufacturing, LLC
  • Diane Mueller
  • Therese O’Brien
    TESSCO Technologies
  • Nicole Paulette
    Elevated Services, LLC
  • Mike Clementi
    Valmont Site Pro 1
  • Sarah Bratcher
    JAG Resources, Inc.
  • Stephanie Brewer
    USA Telecom Insurance Services Inc.
  • Justin Pitts
    East Coast Communications
  • Steve Wilcox
  • Darrin Wagner
    Power Mountain
  • Jeff Little
    Above Wireless LLC
  • Michael Moskowitz
    Vancomm LLC
  • Kyle Kilner
    Hayden Tower Service, Inc.
  • Chad Steinhoff
    Crown Castle
  • Steve Fischer
    Atlantic Tower Services, Inc. (ATS)
  • Brian DeGeorgio 
    Flash Technology
  • Niki Arntz
    Paragon Services
  • Jeremy Herrin
    Riverview Wireless Construction
  • Evan Luthenauer
    Second Sight Systems
  • Nicole Bivona
    ET Tower
  • Kaitlin Webb
    Bright Lighting, Inc.