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Benefits & Services

The following wide array of benefits and services are among those offered by NATE, enhancing members' abilities and broadening opportunities to achieve the highest level of safety.

NATE Membership Brochure 

Key Benefits

  • NATE STAR Initiative
  • Annual Event - NATE UNITE
  • NATE Membership List
  • Safety, Standards, and Education
  • Industry Relations and Networking
  • Legal Counsel
  • Tower Times Magazine
  • Strong Voice in Washington, D.C.

NATE STAR Initiative- The NATE Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability (STAR) Initiative was developed to provide members with proven methods of improving tower site safety.

This exclusive program was designed for members to demonstrate a greater commitment to tower safety practices while recognizing industry best practices in safety and professionalism. Through the implementation of site safety audits, health & safety programs, training, best practices and the presence of competent persons, the STAR Initiative places some of the most effective safety components in the hands of NATE members.

Annual Event – NATE UNITE 
NATE UNITE is the Association’s annual conference and exposition and has been recognized as the industry’s premier source of education on tower climber safety and industry best practices for nearly 20 years. 

NATE UNITE offers educational sessions, optional courses, luncheons, receptions and various networking opportunities. NATE members contribute to the awareness of the best products and services available to tower erectors through its trade show. The industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors and consultants make themselves available for insight and information, while providing involvement and support that allows NATE UNITE to continue to succeed.

Membership List
NATE members in good standing are eligible to receive the NATE Membership List. The Membership List supplies complete contact information for over 820 member companies located throughout the United States, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Jamaica, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Trinidad and Tobago. This document lists the primary contact for NATE members, along with their addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and membership categories. This list is available to members only and is great for subcontracting, referrals or consulting others working in the tower industry. It is the policy of NATE that the membership list will not be sold or distributed to nonmember companies. Request a current membership list by contacting Rebekah Hauber at rebekah@natehome.com

Industry Relations and Networking
Within NATE, the combination of education, management, and hands-on industry experience is extraordinary. NATE members represent all facets of the tower industry, from maintenance, service and tower erection to manufacturing, consulting, engineering and carriers. NATE membership encompasses all sizes of firms, from thriving small businesses to some of the largest companies in the tower and associated industries. Through NATE, the industry has access to a proven venue for successfully addressing the issues and concerns facing tower erectors.

Safety, Standards, and Education 
Since its inception, NATE has been promoting tower climber safety through best practices, standards, education and by facilitating training.

As NATE continues to develop and promote key resources designed to improve tower climber safety, the Association is also reaching out to key stakeholders throughout the industry by providing safety resources and industry expertise to tower construction firms, general contractors, tower owners, carriers and broadcasters.

NATE strives to keep members informed of the most current techniques and developments within the industry by offering continuing education in a variety of formats. NATE continues to pursue a culture of safety dedicated to sending every tower worker home safely at the end of the day.

Educational materials are available to members in good standing by using the order form found on online at https://natehome.com/member-login.

Legal Counsel
NATE maintains an affiliation with a law firms Seyfarth Shaw LLP and Fisher & Phillips LLP. These prominent law firms have substantial experience involving a wide variety of tower industry-related issues and working with OSHA. In addition to assisting with issues that arise in the day-to-day operations of the Association, Seyfarth Shaw LLP and Fisher & Phillips LLP are the firms NATE recommends to assist member companies with tower industry-related legal concerns. NATE’s point of contact with Seyfarth Shaw LLP is Mark A. Lies, II. He can be reached at 312-460-5877 or mlies@seyfarth.com. NATE's point of contact with Fisher & Phillips LLP is Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. He can be reached at 404-240-4273 or efoulke@laborlawyers.com.

What to Do in Case of An Accident
Even companies with the best safety records know they need to be prepared and have a well-developed plan of action to follow should the unlikely event of a serious, or even catastrophic, accident occur.

To assist NATE members with developing their own accident contingency plans, the NATE Board of Directors and Administrative Staff have developed the following list of suggestions. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation of all possible actions, but is intended to act as a guideline for member companies to develop their own plan of action. The items on the "What to Do in Case of An Accident" are not presented in any particular order.

Membership Plaques & Certificates

Upon joining NATE, members receive an engraved membership plaque to display, along with their membership certificate to show their commitment to safety and the tower industry. This certificate may be photocopied and submitted with NATE member proposals when bidding projects. Both the plaque and certificate are updated annually when membership is renewed.

Member Involvement
As a member-driven association, NATE is governed by a Board of Directors, along with actively involved standing committees.

All NATE members have the opportunity to serve on one of the Association's four standing committees that share the responsibilities of keeping NATE members informed on issues that affect the industry and thereby improve the overall business environment as well as the Association.

  • Member Services Committee
  • OSHA Relations Committee
  • Safety & Education Committee
  • Trade Show Committee


NATE members in good standing are eligible to receive discounts on advertising in Tower Times, and also on exhibiting and attending NATE’s Annual Conference & Exposition.

Strong Voice in Washington
A key function of NATE is the development of a unified industry voice on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the business operations of NATE members. Bob Lawrence & Associates serves as NATE’s legislative and regulatory liaison working with Congressional members, committees, OSHA, the FCC and other governmental entities to advance NATE’s position in Washington, D.C.

NATE continues to participate in various industry events and conferences to reach out to members, potential members, government officials and the public on strides being made toward enhancing safety. Through involvement at industry events and conferences, NATE meets with professionals from across the entire spectrum of interest in telecommunications and broadcast activities.

Communication with NATE members in a consistent and concise fashion continues to be a top priority for the Association. NATE has a variety of communication mediums available in order to provide both insightful and relevant information to members and industry stakeholders.

The following are some of the resources the Association relies on to promote the activities of NATE.

  • Tower Times
  • NATE News
  • NATE Social Media
  • NATE Website

Toll-Free Number

NATE’s toll-free number is available for members to contact the NATE Administrative Staff with questions regarding the Association. 1-888-882-5865 (U.S.)

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