NATE Membership Incentive Program

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In this period of disproportionate regulation and magnified industry attention, our strength is our membership; it is the primary vehicle that drives our positive influence.

Recruiting new members to our association should be an activity that is recognized and rewarded. Those who recruit new members are among the most rare and precious members of NATE. Member-to-member recruitment and retention efforts are highly valued because of the grassroots growth and stability they bring to NATE. These efforts provide for the development of a diverse association and load the leadership pipeline.

The NATE Membership Incentive Program Powered by WIN is a proposal to recognize the value we place upon the results of membership recruitment. The levels of reward increase with specific target levels of results. Each new membership application is required to provide a sponsor name, if applicable.

Members of the Incentive Program will be awarded with financial discounts and incentives based on their NATE bucks amount. For every member recruited, each individual and respective company will earn $50.00 in NATE bucks. NATE bucks can be used toward any NATE related item of the individual’s or company’s choice. Examples include membership dues, NATE UNITE registration, Tower Times subscriptions, NATE WIN Regional Conference registration, safety and educational materials, etc.

Level Recognition
Foundation 2 recruits in membership history, receives first lapel pin
Copper 5 recruits in membership history
Fiber 10 recruits in membership history
Iron 15 recruits in membership history
Steel 20 recruits in membership history, receives second lapel pin
Gold 30 recruits in membership history
Platinum 50+ recruits in membership history, receives a jacket and third lapel pin