NATE SEMC Fall Arrest Lanyard Testing Report 2023

The Fall Arrest Lanyard testing was conducted at the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) over two days, with 5 different scenarios and over 100 drop tests completed.  The testing utilized new and used equipment attached to an antenna supporting structure designed to the ANSI/TIA-222 standard. The SEMC consulted various stakeholders to determine the 19 most utilized lanyards in the industry. These lanyards consisted of different force tolerances, construction type/ style, and connectors. As most climbers in the industry are only given one set of lanyards for all their work at height activities, the SEMC elected to test all 19 different lanyards in each scenario equally.

Additionally, the fall arrest lanyards utilized for this testing met the requirements of ANSI/ASSP Z359. The SEMC elected to utilize a 310 lb. test torso to better replicate real world scenarios, including the climber’s movement, motion, placement on the system, and center of gravity. Previous results have shown the importance of this type of testing. To download the 2023 NATE SEMC Fall Arrest Lanyard Testing Report, click HERE.

“On behalf of the SEMC, we are excited to release this 16-page white paper detailing the performance results and key takeaways from the testing of common fall arrest lanyards used by the industry’s technicians when working at heights,” said Jeremy Buckles, Chairman of the NATE SEMC Committee. “This testing event was structured in a manner to provide feedback to NATE members industry stakeholders, and manufacturers. The results of the testing will raise the bar on safety by increasing awareness and improving testing methods related to fall arrest lanyards,” added Buckles.

The SEMC would like to acknowledge NATE for their dedication to the safety of the men and women who make wireless communication possible. Without their leadership, support, and vision, this fall arrest lanyard testing would not have been possible. We would also like to thank the following organizations and each participant from these organizations for their support:

American Tower Corporation
Crown Castle
Deuer Development
Elk River, Inc.
GME Supply Co
Guardian Fall
Lee Antenna & Line Service, Inc
NATE Climber Connection Film Crew
Safety LMS
SBA Communication Corporation
SKYLOTEC North America LP
TSC Wireless Telecom Construction
USA Telecom Insurance Services Inc.
University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI


Nate Semc Fall Arrest Lanyard Testing Report 2023 Cover

NATE SEMC Fall Arrest Lanyard Testing Report 2023