NATE Membership Incentive Program

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Member-to-Member recruitment and retention are invaluable to NATE. The personal testimonial of what NATE means to you is the best means to grow our Association. Phrases like “We are you” and “We recruit because we care” are not just empty sentiments, but the foundation of our Association and the ability to help potential members see the value in adding their voice to our mission, is the best advertisement NATE could ask for.

The NATE Membership Incentive Program was created to recognize and reward the value we place on member recruitment. The award levels increase with the number of members recruited. Recruiting members or “advocates” are recognized when their name is listed in the “How did you learn about NATE?” section of a new member application.

Members of the Incentive Program will be rewarded with different awards, privileges, and discounts based on the number of members recruited. In addition to the awards below, the advocate will receive $50 NATE bucks, an entry into our annual drawing at NATE UNITE for a $100 gift card, a personal thank you email, a social media post, a NATE ADVOCATE email signature logo, and their name listed on the Leaderboard in Tower Times for every member recruited.  The Leaderboard is published on the Member Services page of Tower Times and appears in each issue.

Level Recognition
Foundation 1 recruit, NATE ADVOCATE Logo
Copper 5 recruits in membership history, Collared Shirt
Fiber 10 recruits in membership history, Engraved Knife
Iron 15 recruits in membership history, Leather Bound Journal
Steel 20 recruits in membership history, North Face Jacket
Gold 25 recruits in membership history, Silver “25” Plaque
Platinum 30+ recruits in membership history, Custom Tower Award