Membership FAQs

Why should my company become a NATE member?

NATE offers a wide array of benefits and services which enhance members’ abilities and broadens opportunities to achieve the highest level of safety.

If I send my application today with payment, will I be approved today for membership?

No. First of all, DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH YOUR APPLICATION. Please mail, email or fax your application to the NATE office or complete the application form online. The completed form is sent directly to the Member Services Coordinator. You will then be contacted by the NATE Member Services Coordinator to review the application. The NATE Chief Operating Officer will then review the application for approval, and once approved, an invoice will be sent. Once payment is received in the NATE office, your company will be considered a NATE member and will have access to all NATE benefits and services.

How long does it take to become a NATE member?

Approximately 1 to 5 days.

How do I know which category of membership best defines my company?

There are two main categories of membership: Primary (two subcategories) and Support (eight subcategories). Each member is classified by their company’s primary source of revenue.

How much are NATE dues?

Annual NATE membership dues are based on different factors. Primary membership is based on the total number of employees, which includes both office and field personnel. Support membership is based on gross annual revenue for Manufacturer, Construction, Technology and Associate subcategories, and is based on the total number of tower sites for the Affiliate subcategory. A fee of $500 has been designated for the following membership categories: License Design Professional, Non-Profit, and Public Entity. Click here for more information.

Why are membership dues prorated?

NATE membership dues are based on a July 1 – June 30 membership cycle so all members are invoiced at the same time. For example: a new Primary Voting Member with 4 employees ($1200 annual dues) joining October 10 would pay $900 for the period of October through the end of June. The same company would then be invoiced in June for $1200 for the following twelve months. Click here for more information.

How can I request a copy of the NATE membership list?

The NATE membership list is available to all NATE members in good standing. It is available as a hard copy or electronic download in the Member Login section of the NATE website. You can request a copy by contacting the NATE office at 888-882-5865 (U.S.) or [email protected]

Is the NATE membership list available to non-member companies?

No. The detailed membership list is a benefit of being a NATE member. It provides members with a valuable source for subcontracting, referrals, and consulting others working in the tower industry.

Who do I contact regarding the status of my NATE membership?

Jill Rethke, NATE Member Service Coordinator, handles membership accounts. She would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your membership. She may be reached at [email protected] or Tel: 888-882-5865 (U.S.).

Who do I contact regarding the annual conference and exposition?

If you with any questions regarding exhibiting, sponsoring or attending the annual event, please contact the NATE office at [email protected] or Tel: 888-882-5865 (U.S.) or 605-882-5865. Click here for more information.

Who do I contact regarding advertising in Tower Times?

Contact the NATE office at [email protected] or Tel: 888-882-5865 (U.S.). Click here for more information.

Can any company advertise in Tower Times?

Tower Times is the official publication of NATE. NATE does not accept employment, recruiting or staffing ads of any kind from member companies or non-member companies. Ads placed in Tower Times and on the NATE website must advertise a product, service or item of interest to NATE’s Membership.

NATE Member Companies may advertise services and products that relate to their business offerings.

Non-NATE Member Companies may NOT advertise the following services: Tower Erection, Tower Service, Tower Maintenance, Small Cell Deployment, DAS Deployment, Site Development and Design, Civil Work, Engineering, Construction, Marketing, Antenna Co-Location, Zoning and
Permitting, Rooftop Management and Leasing.

If you have any questions about whether or not your ad would be accepted for publication, please mail, email or fax a copy of the ad to the NATE office.

Who do I contact regarding an invoice?

Kari Stein, NATE Controller handles all of the invoicing for NATE. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have. She may be reached at [email protected] or Tel: 888-882-5865 (U.S.).

Can I purchase safety and educational resources if I am not a member of NATE?

NATE safety and educational resources are a few of the many benefits of being a NATE member; therefore, only members are allowed to purchase NATE safety and educational resources and stickers.

Why is there a charge for NATE safety and educational resources?

The charge for safety & educational resources is set to cover printing costs. Safety & Educational Materials

How do I become “NATE Certified”?

NATE does not “certify” tower climbers or tower companies; however, NATE does provide a sample “qualified climber” exam in the NATE Accident Prevention, Safety and Health Program. Every member receives a certificate of membership which may be photocopied and submitted with NATE member proposals when bidding projects.

Does NATE have employment information?

NATE does not get involved with employment issues. One question raised when NATE was formed was could a group of tower companies form a cohesive group. NATE was formed and has thrived. The reason NATE has thrived has been due to a mutual respect for contractors in the tower industry. That respect includes not helping one company find employees at the expense of another company.

Can I place a help wanted ad in Tower Times?

NATE does not allow “help wanted” ads in Tower Times. For more details, refer to the Tower Times Ad Policy. Ad Policy

Why is the NATE office located in South Dakota?

One of the founding members of NATE is located in Watertown, South Dakota. After some research of potential locations, it was decided to locate the office there. Actually, since South Dakota is centrally located, it works very well. Watertown is a small rural community of approximately 20,000 people located 3 1/2 hours straight west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city has all the amenities to run the office in an efficient manner.

Who can I contact if I have legal questions?

NATE maintains an affiliation with a law firm who has experience involving a wide variety of tower industry related issues. Seyfarth Shaw LLP is the firm NATE recommends to assist member companies with tower industry legal concerns. NATE’s point of contact with Seyfarth Shaw LLP is Mark A. Lies II. He can be reached at 312-460-5000.

Does NATE provide training?

NATE does not provide training; however, NATE does have safety and educational resources available to serve as guides for members when they are developing their own safety programs or providing training to their employees. The annual conference and exposition also features many educational sessions which all attendees can participate in to further their knowledge on tower industry topics.

Can NATE assist me in starting a tower business?

NATE is not in the position to assist a company in starting a business other than being able to provide safety and educational resources. New companies are encouraged to join NATE so they can take advantage of all of the benefits and services NATE has to offer.

Can I display the NATE logo?

NATE members are allowed and encouraged to proudly display the official NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association logo. Members displaying the logo are recognized throughout the industry as safety conscious companies. Artwork is available for member companies for use on vehicles, offices, hard hats, letterhead, websites, and other applications. The NATE logo is available is different formats in the Member Login section.