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Do you have comments that you would like to share with Tower Times readers? Submit a Letter to the Editor.

Tips for Being Published

  • Write a brief letter on a subject of interest to the tower industry.
  • Include your name, company name, address and daytime phone number. (If you do not include this information, your letter will not be published.)
  • Letters are subject to editing for clarity, libel and good taste.
  • Letters will be edited for style and length.
  • We prefer to have letters submitted in typed or electronically transmitted form. However, we will accept handwritten letters, providing the handwriting is legible.

What You Should Know About Letters to the Editor

  • We read every letter we receive.
  • Every letter gets equal consideration.
  • Letters picked for publication are acknowledged quickly. You will be contacted either by phone, electronic mail or by return mail.
  • Form letters, anonymous letters or letters without an address and phone number will not be published.
  • Preference is given to NATE members.

Email a Letter to the Editor

You can email your letter to the Tower Times editor at [email protected]. Entitle the submit: “Letter to Editor”, letters have a 2,000 characters maximum.