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Hazard Awareness through the JHA Process

Overview The intent of the Job Hazard Assessment course is to train workers: to predict hazards from a scope of work; [...]

Hazard Communications

Overview OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard was revised in an effort to bring the US into alignment with the Globally Harmonized System [...]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Typical Site Hazards

This short course introduces the student to various types of Personal Protective Equipment and the hazards that are commonly encountered [...]

The Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) Process

The intent of the Job Hazard Assessment course is to train workers: to predict hazards from a scope of work; [...]

WHMIS 2015

  WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. This system was created based on a worker’s right to know the [...]

Cold Weather Safety CW1004

This LBA University® course is OSHA compliant and covers cold stress and the various hazards unique to working in cold [...]

GHS HazCom Training – GHS1006

This comprehensive Globally Harmonized System Training course is designed for all industries that have employees exposed to hazardous chemicals. This [...]

Heat Stress Safety – HS1007

This course covers the effects of hot environments and heat hazards and stresses on the body. This course reviews the [...]

Outdoor Hazard Awareness

This training is OSHA compliant and essential to your workers who spend time in an outdoor environment! Tower and wireless [...]

Hazard Awareness

Topics to Cover: 1. Job Site Hazards 2. Night Work Program 3. Summary of “No Climb Conditions” View Course Website

Job Hazard Assessment

Topics to Cover: 1. Location of First Aid or Trauma kit 2. Location of nearest Emergency Medical Facility 3. Verify 911 call [...]

Hazard Awareness of Telecom Sites

This course covering the hazards that are generally encountered on a telecommunications site. Three hazard categories: Structural, Environmental and Non-Standard [...]

Lightning, Grounding and CAD-Welding

This course was created for individuals who want to gain a better understanding of grounding works and the effects of lightning [...]

Winter Survival Training

This course was developed to provide students with the skills necessary to survive an unexpected emergency when emergency services are [...]

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