Safety Equipment Manufacturer Ad Hoc Committee (SEMC) Members

The SEMC Ad Hoc Committee’s objective is to provide detailed information applicable to the performance, installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of wire rope safety climbs/systems for antenna supporting structures with ANSI/TIA-222 defined climbing facilities. The SEMC is also tasked with boosting the industry’s worker protection initiatives though future testing initiatives and research.

Jeremy Buckles
SBA Communications Corporation

John (JP) Paul Jones
Board Oversight
Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC

Rick Miller
3M Personal Safety Division

Richard Cullum
Crown Castle

John Lamond
GME Supply Co

Stephanie Brewer
USA Telecom Insurance Services Inc.

Doug Mercier
SKYLOTEC North America, LP

Devin Finnigan
Trylon TSF Inc.

Joey Deuer
Deuer Developments USA

Sheri O’Dell-Deuer
Deuer Developments USA

Dawn Smith
TUF-TUG Products

George Kerstetter

Bruce Carmichael
Allfasteners USA

Jeff Selby
Trylon TSF Inc.