NATE STAR Initiative Enrollment Process

The NATE Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability (STAR) Initiative holds its annual open enrollment period beginning each year in July. The NATE STAR Initiative is an exclusive program designed for members that would like to demonstrate a greater commitment to tower safety practices while recognizing industry best practices in safety and professionalism.

The enrollment period for the NATE STAR Initiative program is open July 1 through August 31 each year. Applications are made available on the NATE website. NATE members interested in participating in this outstanding program, as well as all current STAR participants, must complete an application form and submit it to the NATE office prior to the annual August 31 deadline.

Here is a quick look at the NATE STAR Initiative program:


NATE members will be deemed eligible for participation in this program by the responses received on the application/agreement form and the signature of your company’s chief officer. This program is designed to recognize those companies who are dedicated to a higher level of safety. Therefore, adherence with the established criteria is necessary to participate and to remain in the program.

NATE Member Requirements

Participating NATE members must agree to:

  • Requisite Levels of Training – Tower related OSHA 10-Hour Training, or its equivalent, is required for all personnel who will be working on a tower site. OSHA 30-Hour Training, or its equivalent, is required for anyone operating in the capacity of a supervisor or competent person on site. All personnel who will be working at heights of six feet or more above the ground must be trained in fall protection that meets or exceeds the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS).
  • Implementation of a Safety & Health Program – All applicants must have a safety and health program in place that meets or exceeds the standard established by the NATE Accident Prevention, Safety & Health Program Guide.
  • Presence of a Competent Person – A competent person for safety and health must be on site at all times.
  • Conduct and Submit Site Safety Audits* – The site safety audit form provides a comprehensive checklist to enhance safety in ten specific areas as defined by the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety & Health (ACCSH) under NATE’s guidance. A competent person from the participating company must conduct site safety audits each quarter and submit them to the NATE office via the NATE website at Audits must be submitted for 10% of a company’s projects, or 6 audits per quarter, whichever is less. *(Tower owners and carriers are not required to submit site safety audits.)
  • Complete List of Requirements – For a complete list of requirements please refer to the sample application/agreement forms on the NATE website.

While STAR stands for Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability, NATE will not be providing the actual training for your employees. As always, training employees to meet the necessary standards for safety remains the responsibility of their employer.

It should be noted that participating companies must adhere to the applicable requirements found in the Telecommunications and Broadcast Tower Inspection Checklist.

Becoming a NATE STAR Initiative Member

The application process is fairly simple. NATE members complete the required application and submit it to the NATE office. NATE reviews all applications and will notify the companies that have been accepted into the program, and sends certificates and cards (2 per company) to those accepted companies. On October 1, the Initiative year officially begins. The first quarterly audits will be due from all participating companies (excluding tower owners and carriers) on December 31.

Prove Your Dedication

The NATE STAR Initiative is an excellent opportunity for NATE members to have an impact on safety and recognizes those companies that embrace the highest standards to safeguard their employees. All eligible members are highly encouraged to consider participating in this process. Further program details and benefits may be found by watching a short YouTube video below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NATE office at Tel: 605-882-5865 or 888-882-5865 (U.S.) or email [email protected].