Retired NATE Members

Retired NATE Membership provides an avenue for industry professionals to remain involved with NATE after they had retired. It is a win-win situation, the NATE Membership as a whole benefits from the experience and knowledge of Retired Members; and the Retired Members can keep in touch with the friendships they have formed over their career with other NATE Members and keep abreast of industry issues through Tower Times magazine.

As the Baby Boomer generation nears retirement, we encourage NATE Members to consider becoming a “Retired NATE Member” and keep involved in the telecommunications and broadcast infrastructure industry.

Tim Rajkowski Resized 2018Tim Rajkowski, owner of Tower 2000, formerly known as Tim’s Tower Service and a NATE Founding Member, sold his company and officially retired on January 18, 2008. 

Since NATE’s inception, Tim was an active member, sponsoring numerous NATE Annual Conference & Expositions, a NATE/OSHA National Partner, encouraged his employees to serve on committees, and he himself served on the Trade Show Committee. The new owners have changed the company name to True North Tower. After working in the industry for over 35 years, Tim wanted to continue to be a part of the Association; therefore, on March 31, 2008 he joined NATE as a Retired Member. Tim continues to reside in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and enjoys a well-deserved lighter schedule.


Clement RolleClement Rolle, former Senior Manager at Bahamas Telecomm Co. Ltd. officially retired in 2018.

He joined Bahamas Telecomm Co. Ltd. (BTC) in September of 1977 in the tower and antenna section where he worked through the ranks building towers/antenna and installing transmission lines throughout the Bahamas. BTC has been an active member of NATE for the past 14 years. Clement is trained in all facets of towers/antenna.

Clement has served on the NATE Member Services Committee since 2007 and as the NATE WIN Regional Ambassador for the Bahamas since the program’s inception. Clement has never missed a NATE Annual or Summer Conference and has attended multiple NATE WIN Regional Conferences in his time as a NATE member.

After actively participating in NATE for 17+ years, Clement wanted to continue to be a part of the Association and volunteering on the Member Services Committee; therefore, on September 5, 2018 he joined NATE as a Retired Member. Clement continues to reside in Nassau, Bahamas.

We congratulate both Tim and Clement on their retirement and look forward to seeing them at future NATE events.