Trade Show

The Trade Show Committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the annual conference and exposition.

Trade Show Committee Members


Amanda Stegall 02 13








Chairwoman and Committee Member
Amanda Stegall
MillerCo, Inc.

Board Oversight
Randy Scott
Texoma Contracting, Inc.

Committee Members

  • Kevin Schmidt
  • Jerry Bezner
    Alliance Corporation
  • Beau Aero
    GME Supply Co
  • Curt Tuttle
  • Nick Trussell
    Michigan Towers Incorporated
  • Ken Clark
    Engineering Wireless Services, LLC (EWS)
  • Willie Goldman
    Drake Lighting, Inc.
  • Christy Hall
    Texoma Contracting, Inc.

Subcommittee Members

  • Eric Lord
    Flash Technology
  • Bruce Eades
    Insurance Office of America (IOA)
  • Nicole Deas
    MillerCo, Inc.
  • Sean Cooper
    ERI Installations, Inc.
  • Becky Danielson
    Tractel, Inc.
  • Alicia Titus
    Meridian Blue Construction, LLC
  • Luke Ferguson
    Valmont Site Pro 1
  • Michael Pelletier
    Advanced Tower Components, LLC
  • Tim Tanner
    Noash Construction, Inc.