Women of NATE (WON) Ad Hoc Committee

Women of NATE (WON) Ad Hoc Committee 


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Women of NATE Chairwoman and Committee Member
Andrea (Andy) Lee
Lee Antenna & Line Service, Inc.

Dominique Valdez
Board Oversight
Wireless Construction Solutions

Committee Members

Therese O’Brien
TESSCO Technologies

Diane Mueller

Jessica Cobb

Monica Vink

Ashley Skitt
Tempo Communications

Areanna Sabine

Lindsey Westphal
WAVE Communications

Evelyn Torres
Solaris Technologies Services

Stephanie Bankhardt
Power Civil Construction Services

Erin Smith
Thayer Wireless LLC

Amanda Hernandez-Lawler
Teltech Group


Lymaris Pabellon
Learning Alliance Corporation

Crystal Camejo
Ritel Incorporated

Rebecca Halstead
KGP Serviced DBA Circet USA

Amanda Freeman
Crown Castle

Lisa Carlee

Cylie Price
ET Tower

Heidi Nelson
Harmoni Towers

Mital Chavda
Valmont Site Pro 1

Tannia Peterson
Rothmeyer TEC, Inc.

Ariel Lewis
Almvoy, Inc.

Bessy Garcia
Tower Technics, LLC