About Safety & Education

NATE is the industry leader in promoting tower climber safety. Since 1995, NATE has pursued a culture of safety for the tower erection, service and maintenance industry. This effort began with the creation and ongoing development of NATE Safety Resources. These items are available for NATE Members to purchase and utilize as part of their own safety regimen.

Education of NATE members has extended into opportunities to learn from industry experts through sessions offered at the NATE Annual Conference & Exposition. NATE has provided over 150 educational sessions for its members in effort to promote safety while performing work on which their customers can depend. The Association also has offered safety training as part of it’s program. This year’s annual event will again provide more opportunities to improve awareness of tower safety.

NATE also pursues safety through its member involvement in the development of Industry Standards and NATE Standards. The Association also works with state and federal officials in developing and addressing regulations that most directly affect its members.

As NATE continues providing new ways to improve tower climber safety, the Association is also reaching out to all aspect of the tower industry through its industry relations effort. By taking the message to not only tower erectors, but also general contractors, tower owners, carriers and broadcasters, NATE continues to pursue a culture of safety dedicated to sending every tower worker home safely at the end of the day.