About NATE Standing Committees

All NATE members have the opportunity to serve on one of the Association’s committees or subcommittees. Membership involvement plays an important role in NATE’s progress. NATE members are strongly encouraged to become involved in NATE’s decision-making process. Together we can achieve a safe and successful future for NATE.

There are four standing committees that share the responsibilities of keeping NATE members informed on issues that affect the industry and thereby improve the overall business environment as well as the Association.

With four committees to choose from, members have an excellent opportunity to become involved and make a difference in the Association and the industry. Committee service is strictly on a volunteer basis, with all incurred costs being each committee member’s responsibility. Committee members must be from NATE member companies in good standing.

Committees meet twice each year at the Annual Conference & Exposition and the Summer Conference. Various conference calls are also scheduled throughout the year to conduct committee business as needed.

  • The Member Services Committee actively recruits new members, contacts existing members, and strives to expand upon the benefits of NATE membership.
  • The OSHA Relations Committee provides a continuing source of information to NATE members and the telecommunications industry regarding OSHA, industry standards and best practices in an effort to enhance safety, reduce incidents, and deliver a platform for a more effective workforce. The Committee continues their ongoing outreach efforts with OSHA.
  • The Safety & Education Committee is focused primarily on developing and producing educational/safety materials for NATE.
  • The Trade Show Committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the annual conference and exposition.