NATE Safety Sleeve Testing Final Report

NATE Safety Sleeve Testing Final Report White Paper

This in-depth, 62-page white paper describes the overall scope, methodology and results from the NATE sponsored Safety Sleeve Testing events that were performed at the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) in Dayton, Ohio in 2018 and 2019.

SafetysleeveThe testing, performed over three different events and six total days, included over one hundred-ten (110) drops completed. The Association’s Safety Sleeve Testing Team attempted to push the design limits and standards of the safety sleeves and test outside of the parameters established by ANSI/ASSE Z359. Therefore, most of the tests were performed for replication of real-world use and application. The test results presented should only be used to validate and reinforce existing safety procedures.

The intent of the testing was to provide feedback to NATE and its membership, and to provide future guidance for the Safety Equipment Manufacturers Committee (SEMC) for developing new testing parameters and safety climb system performance criteria. NATE believes the results of the testing events will ultimately raise the bar on safety in the communications infrastructure industry.

The NATE Safety Sleeve Testing Final Report is available to the Association’s members and the industry as a free resource.

Click here to download the NATE Safety Sleeve Testing Final Report.