WON Open Calls

January 2024 Won Open Call (2)

The New Year prompts us to think about areas of our life that need improvement. Many people set fitness or financial resolutions in January; however, this year, we challenge you to look inward and focus on your talents and skills.

In “Retool Your Skill Set: Thrive in the New Year and Beyond”, Presenters Crystal Camejo of Ritel Incorporated, Mital Chavda of Valmont Industries, and Amanda Hernandez-Lawler of Teltech Group will explore the need for skill retooling, how to reflect inward and align your strengths with a skill you’d like to develop and give you the tools to develop a personalized strategy to achieve your goals. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to identify a skill they would like to develop and actionable steps they can implement to begin the process in their lives.

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