OSHA-FCC Communication Tower Best Practices

NATE Applauds U.S. DOL-OSHA and FCC on Release of Communication Tower Best Practices Safety Document

(Washington, D.C.) – The NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association issued a statement following the release of the U.S. DOL-OSHA and FCC Communication Tower Best Practices safety resource.

“NATE applauds the U.S. DOL –OSHA and FCC for the release of this Communication Tower Best Practices document that will serve as another valuable resource for the wireless and communications tower industry to reference and utilize to ensure that work is conducted in a safe and quality manner,” said NATE Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “NATE played a vital role in assisting officials from both U.S. DOL OSHA and the FCC in the development of this resource by providing access to our subject matter experts, existing safety resources and through our active participation speaking at two U.S. DOL-FCC joint workshops on tower climber safety. NATE believes it is paramount that the U.S. DOL-OSHA and the FCC continue to collaborate to host additional workshops and stay engaged with all layers of the wireless infrastructure chain to ensure that workforce safety and quality remain the top priorities,” added Schlekeway.

To view and print the U.S. DOL-OSHA and FCC Communication Tower Best Practices document, click here.