Member Testimonials

“Nice going NATE! I received your letter regarding Federal Hours-of-Service and wanted to express my sincere appreciation for this success. It was a true burden having to limit our workforce to fit within the limitations of the Federal guidelines. By obtaining a letter of “Waiver” for all NATE members, you instantly provided relief and removed a shackle restricting operations.

As a lifelong member, I applaud each and every member of NATE for the concern and determination to aid your members. This success easily belongs in the top 5 of all accomplishments in the history of our organization.


Mike Veith (Wave Communications, Inc. & Blackhawk Tower Communications, Inc.)

“I will never be able to thank all of the people that have contributed their time and resources to the Association which has served to keep my employees and I at Great Plains Towers safe. NATE has also played a major role in our company’s business growth and success. Every tower climber working in the world has ultimately benefited from the benchmarks and safety practices that NATE has established for the industry.”

Kevin Reski (Great Plains Towers)

“Access to a network of experience and information.”

Joel D. Hightower (Hightower Communications, Inc.)


Don Train (Train’s Towers, Inc.)

“Graduating recently out of Kansas State University, and leaving the construction organizations I was involved with there, I continue to value the importance of staying connected with industry professionals and updated regulations through NATE. The networking and social event opportunities are epic!”

Tommy Lewis (Hayden Tower Services, Inc.)