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The following wide array of benefits and services are among those offered by NATE, enhancing members’ abilities and broadening opportunities to achieve the highest level of safety.

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State of NATE 2023 – NATE Benefits


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Key Membership Benefits

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  • The NATE Safety & Health Manual Online Resource Library was designed specifically for the communications infrastructure industry and is intended to serve only as a guide for companies to use when developing their own company safety program. As additional procedures and practices are adopted by the NATE membership, revisions and updates will be provided. The NATE Safety & Health Manual alone, or in conjunction with the other NATE safety materials, is an excellent tool for enhancing your company’s safety program.

Safety & Health Manual Logo Transparent BkgThe NATE Safety & Health Manual Online Resource Library is available and accessible as a free resource to member companies. To access the resource, member companies should visit the following link HERE and enter their member ID code to log in. Once logged in, on the right-hand side click on the plus (+) sign next to “Safety Resource”, then click on the Safety & Health Manual to view each individual chapter.

The NATE Safety & Health Manual Online Resource Library is available for non-member companies and other industry stakeholders to purchase for $1,000. To purchase the manual, visit HERE


    • NATE Retirement Benefits Gallagher Wtag Horizontalsmall 3dNATE, in partnership with Gallagher, a global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services, is proud to offer a new and improved Member Company Employee Benefits Hub to the Association’s member companies. This innovative plan is structured in a manner that gives small businesses the buying power with expansive menu options such as medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and worksite insurance that big corporations typically have. Additionally, the NATE Employee Benefits Hub provides pharmacy discount programs, Medicare support and access to a blue-ribbon wellness program.

      Truecoursepop401k PngThrough the NATE Employee Benefits Hub, member companies can also access the full-service TrueCourse 401K Pooled Employer Retirement Plan that was launched by the Association last year in partnership with VisionPoint Advisory Group and Newport. This innovative plan allows employers, particularly small businesses, to band together to offer highly customized retirement plans, achieve better pricing and reduce administrative burdens.

    • Certtrac
  • NATE Certification Tracking – With the ever changing and ever increasing safety compliance needs of its members, NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association launched this new system offering FREE certification tracking for the Association’s Member Companies. The ProSys CertTrac by OneVizion tracking site is designed to assist members with managing their certifications to ensure that they are renewed, utilized, and provided to potential employers in an efficient and pain-free manner. ProSys CertTrac removes the burden of manually managing employee’s upcoming renewal of certifications or missing certifications by tracking and alerting utilizing companies when deadlines or missing certifications are detected. In addition to tracking expiration dates and missing required certifications, ProSys CertTrac allows users to export their employee’s certifications to potential customers. Its functionality includes the ability to sort by both crew members and certification type, making it easy to manage individual jobs and individual customer expectations.

Additional Key Membership Benefits:

  • Annual Event – NATE UNITE
  • NATE Membership List
  • Safety, Standards, and Education
  • Legal Counsel
  • Tower Times Magazine
  • Strong Voice in Washington, D.C.
  • Member Involvement with Committees
  • Access to NATE Safety Materials – NATE safety resources are available as a FREE PDF download for NATE members in the Member Login section of the NATE website.
  • Free Online Resources
  • Member Discounts
  • NATE EXCHANGE – If you are a current NATE member company or STAR Initiative participant, you may qualify for discounted rates on designated training courses offered on the EXCHANGE website portal, which enhances the value of membership in the Association. As a current NATE member, you may submit your training courses to be included on the NATE EXCHANGE.
  • NATE PERKSThe NATE PERKS program is a series of discounts and perks provided by NATE members, exclusively for their fellow NATE members. To redeem the offered discount, you must reach out to the participating company to receive the appropriate discount code. You may be asked to prove your NATE membership. We encourage you to utilize this benefit to save money on supplies and services your company needs. The Association is proud to promote the discounts listed on NATE PERKS as a valuable benefit to our members. We encourage you to utilize the offered discounts to keep more dollars in your business and support fellow NATE members.
  • STAR Initiative – Opportunity to participate in this signature, premier site-safety and audit documentation program.
  • Legislative & Regulatory – Representation in Washington, D.C.; Receive timely updates on legislative and regulatory activities that impact your company.
  • U.S. DOT – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Interpretation Letter on Utility Service Vehicles – Your company can utilize the letter as documentation that your firm’s scope of work is classified as a utility service by U.S. DOT – FMCSA.  As such, you would therefore be exempt from hours of service regulations and not subject to citations when your vehicles are involved in utility service work.
  • Industry Relations – Develop and enhance relationships with wireless carriers, vertical realtors and OEM’s.
  • Women of NATE (WON) – Women of NATE (WON) is open to any member of the Association who would like to participate.
  • Membership Plaque and Certificate – This certificate is available for print and downloads through the Member Login portal on the NATE website.
  • NATE Membership Incentive program powered by WIN
  • 25% discount on subscriptions to the Inside Towers Intelligence Quarterly Reports/Newsletters