About NATE STAR Initiative

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The NATE STAR Initiative was designed to help companies operate safely while recognizing Principal Contractor, Subsidiary Contractor, Construction, and Affiliate members who voluntarily adhere to higher safety standards. The NATE STAR Initiative emphasizes Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability by asking participants to commit to requisite levels of training, site safety audits and the implementation of safety programs while adhering to industry best practices.

The STAR program has been expanded to included site safety documentation categories and questions that reflect the diversity of work that is currently taking place in the industry and captures more job-specific and relevant data.

The menu to the right contains information regarding the program including: eligibility and requirements, checklists, and frequently asked questions. As a reminder, only NATE Members are allowed to participate in the program. If you would like to apply for the NATE STAR Initiative program, click here. You will need to enter your NATE Membership ID Code on the Member Login page. Choose the NATE STAR Initiative option on the right side.