NATE Member Companies/STAR Initiative Participants:
If you are a current NATE member company or a STAR Initiative participant, your employees gain the additional membership benefit of receiving rate discounts on designated training courses offered on NATE PERKS. Upon registering for a discount, it is your responsibility to notify the participating company that your employees are entitled to a NATE PERKS discount.

NATE PERKS Participating Companies:
As a participating NATE PERKS company, it is your responsibility to verify that only current NATE member companies (and their respective employees) in good standing receive the designated discounts promoted on the NATE PERKS page. To verify if a specific company is a current NATE member, simply visit the Member Login section of NATE website, enter your membership ID code and reference NATE’s current membership listing. The NATE membership lists is available to be searched alphabetical order via company name and by geographic location by state.

Please contact the NATE office 605-882-5865, 888-882-5865 (U.S.) or email at [email protected] with any PERKS related verification and eligibility questions.

The following companies offer discounts to NATE member companies.

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