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Base Mounted Hoists -Their Design and Use

There are many different types of hoisting mechanisms used in various industries; this course is specific to the telecommunications industry [...]

Basic Capstan Hoist Principles

There are many different types and designs of Capstan hoists that will be covered in this class along with their [...]

Capstan Hoist Operations

Topics to Cover: 1. Intro 2. History 3. Multiple connections 4. Extension Cords 5. Generators 6. 3 Types 7. Typical Mounts 8. Mount Strengths 9. Chain Mount 10. Receiver [...]

Base Mounted Hoist Operations

Course exceeds the NATE standard titled “Base Mounted Hoist Mechanism Design and Use Standard for Lifting Personnel While Working on [...]

Capstan Hoist Operations

This course covers the use of Capstan hoists on communications sites. There are many different types and designs of Capstan [...]

Capstan Hoist Operations – Online

The Safety LMS Capstan Hoists Operations course is intended to give each student the basic understanding to make good decisions [...]

Light Rigging and Hoisting Course

This one-day course was designed for tower workers using rope systems who must hoist loads to at height locations on [...]

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