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Wire Mesh Grips in the Telecommunications Industry

This advisory is a collaboration of subject matter experts within the industry consisting of tower owners, engineers, carriers, contractors, cable manufacturers, and wire mesh grip manufacturers to determine best practices regarding the
use of wire mesh grips. The scope and purpose of this document is to make recommendations for the design, identification, selection, use and inspection of wire mesh grips (WMG) while used in conjunction with transmission line and
hybrid fiber/power cables on ANSI TIA-222 Antenna Supporting Structures.

Wire Mesh Grips In The Telecommunications Industry

Currently there are no industry standards or regulations regarding the qualification of components, compatibility, and use of wire mesh grips. In accordance with the applicable standards utilized within the industry the use of a wire mesh grip with transmission line and hybrid fiber/power cables (cable), together comprise a lift system and ultimately a suspension system supported by the structure. Traditionally testing for compatibility of components has been left to the discretion of the cable manufacturers and the wire mesh grip manufacturers. Therefore, we recommend a uniform testing protocol/standard to ensure compatibility.

Additionally, because there are no regulatory standards for lifting/supporting transmission lines and hybrid/power cables, and wire mesh grips are not recognized by ANSI/ASME B30 as a rigging component, we reference ANSI/ASSP A10.48 10.5.2 (Rigging Hardware and Slings) for rigging hardware and recommend that wire mesh grips utilized for lifting activities meet a minimum 5 to 1 Safety Factor (SF).

Wire Mesh Grips in the Telecommunications Industry