Tower Climber Orientation

Tower Climber OrientationTower climbing is unique from other industries in that before you can start working, you first need to receive some basic training that is intended to keep you safe and prepare you for a career in the tower industry.



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The Tower Climber Orientation is an invaluable resource produced by the NATE Safety & Education Committee. This free, online orientation program is designed to introduce prospective tower climbers to the profession, focus on the unique responsibilities of a tower climber and shine the spotlight on the prominent role a tower climber plays in the industry.

The Tower Climber Orientation allows a prospective tower climber to gain a greater understanding of the physically challenging, yet rewarding aspects of the job, the OSHA regulations that govern the industry, and how to effectively utilize the tools and safety equipment that all workers in the profession are required to use.

The Tower Climber Orientation is intended to provide a much needed awareness to the profession and ultimately encourage more men and women to pursue a career as a tower climber. The Tower Climber Orientation will also serve as a screening tool for NATE member companies to utilize as a prerequisite of employment with their company. Requiring prospective job applicants to participate in the orientation program will enable the employer to determine if the tower climbing profession is a good fit for the applicant before making a final employment offer and investing more training dollars into the individual.

NATE encourages all of our member companies to utilize the Tower Climber Orientation by incorporating it into their hiring and training procedures.