Anchor Inspection / Safe to Climb Guide

Corrosion is an electrochemical process that returns refined steel back to its native state. The question we are up against in the tower industry is at what point do the guy anchors return to their native state. As we have seen in the past, the results of not doing anything have been and can be catastrophic. This has always been a challenging subject in our industry as we continue down the path of reality that is competitive bidding.

Fortunately, we have had many leaders in our industry working diligently for many years on this problem, but we as an association need to continue to build on the ideas and effort that they have put forth. We need to continue to bring awareness within our industry on this out-of-site and unfortunately sometimes out-of-mind issue.

NATE released the Anchor Inspection/Safe to Climb Guide for owners, managers and field staff to reference when making a “judgment call” on whether or not to climb without foreknowledge of the condition of the underground anchors.

Anchor Inspection/Safe to Climb Guide