Why is Cell Site Testing Crucial for 5G Deployment?


Maximize efficiency and reduce risk with simplified and automated test instruments and processes.

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On Thursday, July 15, 2021 Kashif Hussain, Solutions Marketing Leader at VIAVI Solutions and Octavio Casado, Operations and Services Leader for Antenna Alignment at VIAVI Solutions conducted a live NATE webinar entitled “Why is Cell Site Testing Crucial for 5G Deployment”.

In this NATE webinar, VIAVI Solutions discussed the current state of wireless networks and how to prepare for the next stage of 5G deployment. Based on real business cases, VIAVI Solutions, an industry leader in test and measurement equipment, shared how proper cell site testing is crucial to improve 5G network performance, reduce risk and operational expenses. The presenters also shared how today’s testing instruments are designed to minimize the learning curve for new and experienced tower technicians, simplifying the overall testing process during cell site installation, commissioning, and maintenance. 

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