Climbing in the Bird-Tower Environment

Climbing in the Bird-Tower Environment


Marco Restani With Golden EagleOn Thursday, March 28 at 10:00 a.m. CDT, Marco Restani, Professor Emeritus and Senior Raptor Scientist for Cell Tower Osprey Management, conducted a live NATE webinar entitled Climbing in the Bird-Tower Environment.

Many birds such as ospreys and bald eagles are increasingly using cellular communications towers for nest sites, which creates conflicts with industry because birds, eggs, and nests are protected by law. Therefore, climbing towers to maintain, repair, or upgrade equipment may be restricted when nesting birds are present. Not only should tower owners and communications providers know how to cope with nesting birds, tower climbers should also become familiar with bird behavior to ensure personal safety and the welfare of the birds.

This webinar provided an overview of:

1) why and where this problem is increasing,

2) the legal protections afforded birds,

3) suggestions to climb safely in the bird-tower environment,

4) the biology of nesting birds, and

5) the role of government agency and consulting biologists.

Preventing birds from nesting on towers is a long-term goal supported by both wildlife biologists and industry. Installing excluders to prevent ospreys from nesting on towers has been very effective but keeping towers nest-free of all species that use them remains an ongoing challenge.

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