Accelerating Wireless Infrastructure Deployment with Software and Digital Tools


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Rob Tymchyshyn                Darrin Wagner                    Kent Smith

On Thursday, December 17, 2020 Darrin Wagner, CEO of TEST Communications and Kent Smith, VP of Operations for Wireless Services conducted a live webinar titled “Accelerating Wireless Infrastructure Deployment with Software and Digital Tools”. Rob Tymchyshyn, CEO of Fieldclix moderated the webinar.

Description of the webinar:

A survey by the Small Cell Forum shows that, by 2026, almost all wireless infrastructure will be planned, installed, and managed with the support of specialized software and digital tools. These emerging technologies are already helping accelerate the remote installation of macro antennas and small cells with real-time team collaboration, status reporting and workflow automation. This session brings together business leaders to explore how they are leveraging software to increase the speed and efficiency of their wireless infrastructure deployment programs.

Click HERE to view the recorded webinar.


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