Tower One Inc


Tower One Inc is a safety training and equipment sales organization focused on the needs of tower climbers and rope access technicians. We offer one of the most sought after certifications in the tower climbing industry. We have combined years of work experience and training to provide the most advanced and industry focused safety training program. Our slogan, “Dedicated to the safety of workers at height”, defines our mission and focus as a company. 

Our tower safety certification courses are custom tailored to meet the needs of wireless broadband providers and the variety structures that are utilized. Our standard certification course encompasses both “Authorized” and “Competent” curriculums to satisfy the requirements set forth by OSHA and ANSI. We also offer an advanced rescue and rigging classes for those looking to accelerate their rigging knowledge and rescue capabilities. 



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Advanced Rigging and Rescue Course

Tower One’s Advanced Rigging and Rescue Course is a combination of classroom sessions focused on fall protection theory and practical [...]

Standard Fall Protection Course

The Standard Fall Protection class is designed to prepare individuals from a broad range of experience for safe climbing and [...]