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RAKM Tower Rescue is a family owned business, founded in 2010 by Rick and Dee Dee Flynt.  The letters RAKM, stand for our daughters (youngest to oldest) Raegan, Abby, Kendall and Mackenzie.

After years in the fire service and the telecom industry we recognized a need to properly train first responder’s and telecom climbers to safely work on telecommunication towers and to rescue others in need on those towers.  We believe in a Boot Camp/Academy style of training, climbers should train more not less and our pricing provides companies the financial freedom to provide that training.

Our program has a proven track record with one of the largest telecom companies in the world and we welcome the opportunity to train all climbers.


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Aerial Work Platform

Topics to Cover: 1. Aerial lifts 2. Aerial Lift Operations 3. Definitions 4. Regulations 5. Standards 6. Manufacturing Responsibilities 7. Outriggers 8. Upper Operator Controls 9. Lower Controls 10. [...]

Capstan Hoist Operations

Topics to Cover: 1. Intro 2. History 3. Multiple connections 4. Extension Cords 5. Generators 6. 3 Types 7. Typical Mounts 8. Mount Strengths 9. Chain Mount 10. Receiver [...]

Crane Spotter or Signal

Topics to Cover: 1. Crane Spotter Responsibilities 2. Regulations 3. Standards 4. Definitions 5. Power Line Approach 6. Understanding A Crane 7. Lifting Personnel 8. Hand Signals 9. [...]

Fall Protection and Rescue

Topics to Cover: 1. Definition of Fall Protection 2. Why 100% 3. Hierarchy of Rules 4. Fall Protection Regulations 5. Standards 6. Re-training 7. Criteria 8. 100% [...]

Hazard Awareness

Topics to Cover: 1. Job Site Hazards 2. Night Work Program 3. Summary of “No Climb Conditions” View Course Website

Job Hazard Assessment

Topics to Cover: 1. Location of First Aid or Trauma kit 2. Location of nearest Emergency Medical Facility 3. Verify 911 call [...]

RF Awareness

Topics to Cover: 1. RF Intro Videos 2. OSHA Enforcement 3. FCC 4. OSHA Exposure 5. CTIA 6. FCC MPE Chart 7. OSHA Interpretation 8. MPE Data 9. [...]

Rigging Principles

Topics to Cover: 1. 5 Anchorage Strengths 2. Kernmantle Braid Rope 3. Knot Vs Terminated End 4. Tag Types 5. Working terms for rigging 6. [...]