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CITCA is a nationally recognized training academy, developed by a group of industry specialists, offering a complete line of college accredited tower erection and safety training programs directly related to the communications and wind turbine industries. 

Located 60 miles south of Chicago, with regional facilities in Alvarado, Texas and Morgantown, West Virginia, CITCA’s training facilities are equipped with the necessary training tools. There are plenty of classrooms, sufficient space for hands-on training, and a training tower located right on campus. 

In 2008, CITCA began providing wind turbine climbing and rescue training courses across the nation. In 2011, through a cooperative training partnership with Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois, CITCA’s Wind Turbine Rescue class became the first college accredited course of its type in the nation. 

In 2012, CITCA was purchased by Steve Wilder and Chris Sorensen, and the company relocated from Champaign, Illinois to its permanent location in Bourbonnais, Illinois.