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Women play a prominent role as leaders and visionaries in the advancement of wireless and broadcast communications. Through the establishment of the Women of NATE (WON) initiative, the Association is proud to recognize the vital contributions of women in the communications tower industry and provide leadership opportunities through speaking engagements and professional development support.

The Mission of WON is to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise, and camaraderie among NATE female members at all levels. WON enables all female members of NATE to achieve their full potential and contribute to the future development of NATE and the industry NATE serves. This program offers unique opportunities for women at all stages of their careers to convene and discuss their experiences and enables women to learn from others through partnerships by further delving into NATE’s professional network. WON is an initiative that champions the advancement of women across all NATE member disciplines by promoting leadership, recognizing excellence, and positioning women to be at the forefront of the evolving telecommunications industry. WON participation is open to all NATE members.


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