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Live NATE Webinar Conducted

Posted 4.18.18
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Live NATE Webinar Conducted

Becoming a Leader in Your Current Position


On Wednesday, April 18, Shama Ray, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Above All Tower Climbing, LLC, conducted a live NATE webinar entitled Becoming a Leader in Your Current Position.

This webinar reviewed Three Keys to Leadership, Practical Application of the Keys to Leadership, Working Well with Different Personality Types, Men and Women Leading Together Efficiently, and How to Create a Positive Work Environment. Leadership is not just for those at the top. It includes everyone in every position. You can lead right where you are. Leadership is the responsibility of all. Promote yourself by learning to be a leader in your field. 

Click here to view the PowerPoint Presentation.

Click here to view the Becoming a Leader in Your Current Position Webinar.

Click here to view the Personality Profile PDF.





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