WON Mentorship Program

The WON Mentorship Program is designed to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise and camaraderie among NATE members at all levels. From emerging professionals to industry veterans, participants can grow both professionally and personally by learning from each other’s perspectives, discussing professional issues and supporting their peers in the resolution of their challenges.

This goal-oriented program is designed for participants to speak via phone one to two times a month for a year. During these calls, mentors and mentees will set and work through goals.

Interested participants are asked to complete a short application.  This application will be used to make potential matches based on development goals and interests. 

WON Mentorship Program Application 

Tools for Mentors/Mentees:

Mentoring Best Practices

Mentor/Mentee Suggested Guidelines

Mentoring Goal Form

WON Mentorship Program Leaders:

For additional questions, concerns or assistance, participants may contact:

Christy Hall 0218 Resized

Christy Hall

[email protected]

Monica Vink 03 21

Monica Vink

[email protected]