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Course Category: Rigging/Signalperson

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Advanced Understanding of Rigging and Ropes

This course will teach the student the industry standards applicable to most communications related rigging techniques. Taught by the Crosby Group, Inc., this course provides […]

Crane Spotter/Signal Person

In this course the student is exposed to how a crane physically responds to each signal and some of the hazards that exist while a […]

Qualified Rigger and Signal Person for the Tower Industry

This course is designed for employees who work in the tower industry who have rigging and signaling responsibilities. This course focuses on regulations, mathematical theories, […]

Crane Spotter or Signal

Topics to Cover:

1. Crane Spotter Responsibilities

2. Regulations

3. Standards

4. Definitions

5. Power Line Approach

6. Understanding A Crane

7. Lifting Personnel

8. Hand Signals

9. Conclusion


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Rigging Principles

Topics to Cover:

1. 5 Anchorage Strengths
2. Kernmantle Braid Rope
3. Knot Vs Terminated End
4. Tag Types
5. Working terms for rigging
6. Calculating WLL
7. Reasons for Safety […]

Competent Rigging

This course details all aspects for the ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016 Standard  and is designed with specific emphasis on load calculations and rigging plans for antenna and […]

Competent Rigging – Train the Trainer

The Competent Rigging Train the Trainer course is designed to allow a qualified individual to teach either the Competent Tower Rigger per the ANSI 10.48 […]

Crane Spotter Signal Person

This course will cover the responsibilities of a Crane Signal Person and a Crane Spotter Person. The student will be exposed to how a crane […]

Light Rigging and Hoisting Course

This one-day course was designed for tower workers using rope systems who must hoist loads to at height locations on various structures for work purposes. […]

Additional Courses at Regular Price:

Rigging Safety

Explains how ropes, chains, hoists, loaders, and cranes are used to move material and equipment from one location to another on a job site. Describes […]

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