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Course Category: RF Awareness

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RF Safety and Hazard Awareness

This course combines RF safety and site and equipment signage, as prescribed by industry and OSHA standards; trains students in the telecommunications construction industry about the […]

Fundamentals of RF Radiation

This course is geared towards individuals working in close proximity to RF sources and exposed to radiation in their work. The goal of this course […]

RF Awareness


RF Awareness course is conducted by knowledgeable, technical instructors capable of responding to questions regarding Radio Frequency Health and Safety issues. 

Some Carriers and Turf contractors […]

RF Safety Awareness

This OSHA-compliant training course is oriented to wireless industry and rooftop workers. However, it is relevant to all trades and types of personnel that may […]

Radio Frequency Safety Officer Training

Narda’s RFSO course has been taught in one form or another for over 20 years. This course is meant for the RF Safety Program Manager […]

RF Site Safety Awareness

This class is designed for any worker among the wireless telecommunications industry who has the potential exposure to RF/EME in the course of their work. […]

RF Awareness

Topics to Cover:

1. RF Intro Videos
2. OSHA Enforcement
3. FCC
4. OSHA Exposure
6. FCC MPE Chart
7. OSHA Interpretation
8. MPE Data
9. Sources of RF
10. EME
11. Ionizing […]

Advanced RF Train-the-Trainer

This course is designed to provide knowledge to the enrollee which will assist them in competently administering policies and training internal staff. This is a strictly […]

Broadcast – RF Safety

This course is recommended for anyone who works at or around high-power and broadcasting facilities. RSI knows about high power RF sites; and has an […]

RF PPM 101 Nardalert

Early warning is needed wherever humans are likely to be directly threatened by the presence of RF. In this course you will learn how to […]

RF PPM 101 Radman

Early warning is needed wherever humans are likely to be directly threatened by the presence of RF. In this course you will learn how to […]

RF Safety 101

Introduction to RF safety: This is an entry level certification course that provides participants with the general knowledge on how to work safely around RF. […]

RF Safety 101S Espanol

Este curso va a cubrir algunos de los riesgos más comunes con tejados. El curso presenta peligros tales como viaje, químicos, ambientales, biológicos y los […]

RF Safety 201

This course builds upon lessons learned in RFS Safety 101 and is also an option for recertification. Course topics include: More in-depth RF safety basics and […]

RF Safety 301

This course builds upon lessons learned in RF Safety 101 and RF Safety 201 and is also an option for recertification.

**Pre-requisite: A previous RSI RF safety course […]

RF Safety Awareness for Non-Telecom Work

Introduction to RF safety in regards to awareness: This is for non-telecom workers and is designed for; window washers, roofers, HVAC, emergency personnel, elevator repair, […]

RF Safety Certification Package

This course is recommended for all persons with the potential to be exposed to RF radiation while on a work site. It is a series […]

Fundamentals of RF Awareness

This course was created to promote a better understanding of the RF hazards that exist on tower sites. It’s geared towards employees who work in […]

Fundamentals of RF Awareness – Online

he Safety LMS Fundamentals of RF/EME Radiation Online Course educates participants how to recognize the hazards of RF that exist on tower sites. This course […]

RF Safety and Awareness – online

Course Objectives:

This one hour course is required Training for employees and subcontractors in the telecommunications industry. Subjects include regulations and RF standards, types of radiation […]

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