View from the Top

As the official magazine of the NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association, Tower Times continues to be an exponent of NATE pride. The magazine includes new and exciting features while continuing to be the primary source of news and information for NATE members and non-member companies interested in tower safety.

The “View From the Top” feature includes photos and brief Q & A profiles from tower technicians. The “View From the Top” feature is an effort to obtain the tower technician’s perspective and highlight the vital roles they play on a daily basis in our industry.

NATE has compiled a brief questionnaire and requests that our member companies participate in this feature by having your technicians and  complete the questionnaire and submit a photo for consideration to the NATE office at [email protected] (Photos will not be returned.) The NATE Staff will review and compile the submitted information.

Thank you for your time and support. NATE appreciates your assistance on this exciting new project!

View From the Top