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Planning Advisory Notice (PAN)

PAN_headerThe “Planning Advisory Notice” (PAN) is designed to advise and educate the many stakeholders of the industry including tower owners, carriers, broadcasters, general contractors and tower erectors. By promoting the “Planning Advisory Notice”, NATE continues to pursue a culture of safety dedicated to sending every tower worker home safely at the end of the day while ensuring the proper performances of the systems upon which they work. It is the intent that each PAN will allow the stakeholders to understand that quality and safety can only truly be achieved by understanding the Scope of Work and the standards that may apply, and how to apply these standards. 

Each PAN consists of a brief synopsis of issues or concerns that are addressed by specific standards. The PAN is not intended to replace the input of a competent person for the subject matter covered; rather it is intended to highlight the standards that raise awareness for all.

The members of the PAN Advisory Group who are involved in writing and researching each PAN topic include Scott Kisting (Vice President MUTI-Sabre Industries Telecom Services), John Erichsen (Principal EET PE, Chairman TIA Committee TR 14) and Stephanie Brewer (Compliance Coordinator MUTI Sabre Industries Telecom Services).

Please visit the links below to access each PAN article featured in Tower Times:

Anchor Bolts: Height Matters

ANSI/TIA 1019-A-2012

Antenna Installations – Mounts and Configurations

Mounts and Inspections

FAA Aviation Obstruction Lighting (Tower Lighting)

A Safe Job Site Is No Accident

ANSI/TIA-1019-A Standard: Roles in the Construction Process

The Safety Climb System

Protecting Guyed Tower Anchors Against Corrosion

Tower Maintenance and Corrosion Prevention

Captan Hoists

Introduction to Welding Basics

Welding Discontinuities and Defects

Welding Inspection Tasks - The Role of the Inspector

Why You Can't Rush a Communications Tower Site Build

Introduction to New Telecommunications Construction Standards: ANSI/TIA-322 and ANSI/ASSE A10.48

Classification of Tower Structuresper ANSI/TIA-222-G, IBC and ASCE 7






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