Women of NATE Empowering Women Today

Women of NATE hosted a live webinar on Monday, September 21 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. CDT featuring guest speakers T-Ann Pierce, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Life Coach of T-Ann Pierce Coaching and Leticia Latino-van Splunteren, CEO of Neptuno USA. Andy Page Lee, Vice President of Operations of Lee Antenna & Line Service, Inc. was the moderator for this motivational and empowering event.

T Ann Pierce

T-Ann Pierce is a soul-shine seeking, connection junkie. She links arms with women who are exhausted from keeping up appearances, who are ready to thrive despite the circumstances, and who are willing to make their joys, desires, and goals a priority. T-Ann is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, a Life Coach, a Storyteller, and a Thriver. She lives north of Chicago with her husband and a revolving door of adult/nearly adult kids. 

Overview of her presentation:

Imagine walking away from this conference feeling whole, supported, healthy, and strong. Imagine the ripple effect on families, relationships, health, and the workplace if one hundred women took the time to reflect and realign themselves. Imagine opening the door to a dialog that connects and empowers women.

We are navigating unchartered territories. It is possible to thrive despite circumstances. What if today’s challenges are invitations to create something we haven’t yet even considered? Become a role model of grit and grace for our children and grandchildren? Let’s link arms and get started.

Leticia Latino Van Splunteren

Leticia Latino-van Splunteren is the CEO of Neptuno USA, an offspring of Neptuno Group. She was appointed to chair the FCC’s BDAC working group on Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Job Skills and Training Opportunities by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in June 2019. She has also been named Women of M2M list by Connected World Magazine, Revolutionary CEO by Aspioneer, and one of the Leaders in Tech by InsightSuccess. She is also the co-author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, Women in Business Leading the Way and the Host of Back2Basics Podcast. Learn more at: www.leticialatino.com.

Overview of her presentation:

  • Welcome and quick “scan” through our life and work pre-COVID 19.
  • Touch upon aspects/experience/challenges of coming from a tower vendor family owned business.
  • Creating our new “normal”.
  • Challenges of our situation (as NATE companies and as WON) and our industries.
  • How can we leverage the challenges to create opportunities, for ourselves and our businesses?
  • Personal branding.
  • On Diversity: “Is not about being one of the boys, is about being part of the team”.
  • Closing remarks around WON being one great network to support and propel each other.

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