ABIS Solutions Certification Tracking for NATE Members “CertTrac – What This Valuable NATE Benefit Can Do for You”!

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On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, presenters Chet Taylor, President and founding member of ABIS Solutions and Chuck Melton an associate of ABIS Solutions conducted a live NATE webinar entitled “CertTrac – What This Valuable NATE Benefit Can Do for You”! Jordyn Ladner, Operations Manager of MILLERCO moderated the webinar.

During this webinar, the CertTrac tool was discussed and the numerous advantages it offers, all of which are included as a free benefit to all NATE members.The webinar began with an in-depth review of the CertTrac platform and the following topics were demonstrated:

·         What CertTrac will do for you as a company;

·         Tutorial on how to use the tool successfully;

·         Learn how to solve the issue of tracking and ensuring the renewals of your crew members’ certifications in advance of expiration;

·         Learn how CertTrac offers a simple and convenient automated process without the need for constant manual intervention; and

·         Q&A session followed the presentation.

Click here to view the webinar.

Click here to view the PowerPoint. ProSysCertTrac_NATE_v1.3


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