The Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) Process

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The intent of the Job Hazard Assessment course is to train workers: to predict hazards from a scope of work; recognize hazards typically associated with a type of job site; and inform workers of the importance of completing a Job Hazard Assessment form.

To assist individuals in recognizing the various hazards they may encounter on any site, some of the topics that will be covered in this session include: types of structures, foundations, corrosion, structural overloading, missing or loose hardware, bent or deformed members, uneven surfaces, trip hazards, climb path obstructions, tower plumb and tension, guy anchor condition, insects, animals, and weather. OSHA regulations and relevant industry standards were used to create the content for this module.

The course learning objectives will be as follows:
a) Become familiar with a Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) form, what information is covered in the different sections and how it is filled out.
b) Recognize and properly identify common hazards at wireless communication sites.
c) Familiarize the student with mitigation techniques that can be used for commonly encountered hazards.

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