Basic Rigging Principles -Rigger 1

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In this course, the student will learn to recognize the applicable equipment and acceptable rigging techniques, select the correct rigging equipment for a lift, and complete basic calculations to determine the forces that will be placed on the rigging equipment and structure. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have the skills and understanding to participate in class I and class II rigging plans while working under a Competent/Qualified
Rigger. This course is designed to deliver fundamental rigging theory to a new rigger as they are developing their skills in conjunction with on-the-job training. This course is not a Competent Rigger course. To gain the most from this course, the student should have access to a pen, paper, calculator and a piece of rope for knot tying practice.

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Date Taken: 05/19/2017
Instructor(s): na

Student's Job Title: Field Engineer
Years of Experience: 3

The training met my expectations: Agree
The training objectives were clearly defined: Agree
The amount of material was appropriate for the time allotted: Agree
The instructor demonstrated knowledge of the material and came to class well prepared: Agree
The instructor communicated effectively: Agree
The training aids (handouts, visual aids, etc.) were useful: Agree
The course and class sessions were organized: Agree
The course objectives were achieved: Agree
Suitable facilities and equipment were provided: Agree
The class allowed for student participation/discussion: Agree
How could this training program be improved? Question 36 on exam should have answers "Yes" or "No". Not "True" or "False"