Authorized Climber/Rescuer

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The Authorized Climber/Rescuer course is for those who have not been exposed to the use of fall protection equipment or have limited experience (typically less than 90 days). Authorized Climbers work under the direct supervision of more experienced climber whose employer would designate to be competent. This course is composed of both classroom training and practical application on various fall protection systems, tower climbing techniques and the importance of rescue planning and emergency action plans.

Class Size: limit 6 students per instructor (Min 2)

Time: Two days (16 hours) 8 hours classroom instruction; 8 hours practical application

Expiration: This certification is good for 2 years, with an annual review.

*This course meets or exceeds the minimum requirements outlined in the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS) and OSHA’s Fall Protection regulations, ANSI/ASSE Z359, Z490.1 & 10.48.

**Pre-requisites: Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age, employed and must sign a medical release waiver of liability.

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*This course is discounted for NATE members.